General Surgery Depertment

General Surgery Department

How much do General Surgery procedures in Bangalore Cost?

General Surgery operations cost depends upon multiple factors. The cost of General Surgery operations ranges from ₹35,000 to ₹65,000

General Surgeons are doctors who treat most common surgical conditions that affect majority of population from time to time. General surgeons perform surgery on wide range of surgical procedures to treat surgical conditions like lipoma, sebaceous cyst, Abscess in different parts of the body, hernia, gallstones, appendicitis, perforated ulcers, small bowel obstruction, emergency laparotomy for Road traffic Accidents, stab injury, fall and many more.

Dr Maruthesh Gowda has extensive experience of treating wide range of general surgical conditions for 20 years. Initial 10 years of experience has come in the United Kingdom in the NHS attending to most challenging conditions.

Though most conditions that are treated are regular general surgeons needs to have skills to save life in emergency conditions and be prepared to handle unforeseen emergency conditions at any given time of the day.